Singapore Tours - Singapore Snow City
There is something for everyone in Snow City! Snow City is the first permanent indoor snow centre in Singapore. Yes, our sunny Singapore now has real snow for everybody!

Being a tropical country, many Singaporeans have never had the opportunity to experience the cold (the lowest temperature ever recorded here was way back in 1934, when it hit a low of 19.4°C!!). Now that Snow City is here to stay, everybody (Singaporeans, neighboring countries or tourists) has the option of escaping from the hot and humid Singapore and experience a 'winter getaway', right here at our very own doorstep!!!

The snow level in the Snow Chamber (snow-covered area of Snow City building) is maintained at 400mm in depth. Up to 150 tons of snow are required to cover the snow grounds and about 10 – 15 tons of snow is made each week to maintain this snow level. The amazing fact is all this snow is produced on-site using a specially-designed snow gun!

Observe the following snow-making stages:

1. Water is atomized using high-pressure compressed air.
2. The water arrives at the snow gun and is pushed out the special nozzles at the end of the barrel.
3. Liquid Nitrogen (which freezes at the amazingly low temperature of –196 degrees Celsius) is also passed through the snow gun.
4. The extreme cold of the liquid nitrogen snap freezes the atomized water into powder-like snowflakes.

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